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How did  Mother Like No Other come about and what does the brand stands for?

It came about as a response to some experiences I’d had. Following lots of “oooh are you sure you should be doing that?”, “you’re going to make a rod for your own back doing that..” type comments when I spoke to people about our parenting choices, I always came away me feeling so frustrated and full of doubt when I was I trying so hard and knew I’d done my research. I thought to myself, hold on, what do these people know about my baby, this is actually quite disheartening and I really don’t like the thought of other people having the same experience. So I thought long and hard about a way to politely say I’m ok, we’re ok, and I’m happy doing things my way! Off the back of that MLNO was born. A brand to empower, support and reassure all mothers that we are all unique, and however we do choose to do things, we should feel free enough and proud enough to do it our way!